Read about Pam's accomplishments in the January 2, 2010 Denver Post:
"Pet owners seek psychic link through animal communicators."


"I want to share my experience that I have had with Pam Baca. I am a professional Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer and I met Pam Baca at an Exhibition back in 2005. Pam explained how she worked with animals and had a GIFT to communicate with them. Well 8 years later, Pam's record has proven to be to be absolutely astonishing. Those that are possibly questioning if this really can exist in a person, the ability to communicate with their pet, the answer is YES!!! There are people that have these gifts and I have had first hand experience to go out on a behavior issue where Pam has spoken to a client prior to me having an in home visit. After I would assess what was going on with the dog and their owner and speak with Pam at a later date. She is not just 90% correct or even 98%. We are picking up the exact same issues in 100% of the cases. She has also communicated with my dog Khane, and what she had to say was 100% right on the money. Pam uses the Gifts that she is Blessed with to the fullest potential! If you are having any issues with your pet, I would strongly suggest you contact Pam ASAP. You will not be disappointed! If you would like to contact me as a reference, see the Resources page (Alpha K-9 Obiedience) for my contact details. It would be my pleasure to speak to you and tell you other amazing stories of Pam's successes."

Animal Behaviorist, Michael Mandell



"I liked Pam the minute I spoke with her on the phone. She helped sort out what my bunny was feeling and needing while he was sick. She let him know how much I love him which was a great comfort to me."

Lynn J.



"I adopted my beautiful Isabella when she was about 13 years old, a victim of horrible abuse and neglect. Izzy and I already had a close connection, but maybe I was too close to open up without Pam's help. Pam helped me really listen to Izzy. Pam helped me 'live' with Isabella. I spent the next 5 months LIVING with Izzy. I don't know how else to say it. Instead of watching Izzy die from cancer, I learned to LIVE with her. I learned to appreciate each sunrise, the sound of the birds chirping, the feel of soft grass, the sweet scent of rain, the soft touch of her fur, her scent and more. Each morning I woke and said 'it's a beautiful day' and Izzy would wag her little tail no matter how tired she was. Even on her rougher days I'd tell her 'it's a tough job being as beautiful as you Izzy.'"



"Pam opened my eyes to the power of animal communication. I have had cats all my life, and was also the "cat issue problem solver" for a local rescue organization for many years. For years, I offered suggestions to cat owners on a variety of emotional and behavioral issues that they were experiencing with their feline companions. Although I was familiar with animal communication, I never considered it as a true pathway to change." 

"My viewpoint drastically changed the afternoon my three cats invited Pam into our home. I was having difficulty with a new cat in our home, and felt I had tried every suggestion, idea, formula, product, etc. I was certain there was not a solution available. Although I did'nt trust the idea, a friend convinced me to give Pam a call."    

"Pam spent an hour sitting on the floor in my home. It was as though she belonged there. She was able to understand my cats, and very clearly communicate their thoughts to me. As she spoke, I was more surprised by every sentence. She described the relationships between my three cats, me and my husband (who was not present) as if she had lived with us. Pam's gift to understand and communicate with us all proved invaluable to solving the issues my cats were having." 

"Contacting Pam made a difference that I will never fully understand. I do know that my cats are happier, and that is all that truly that matters."

Karen MacFarquhar


"We have a Shiba Inu and he loves toys, and gets very excited when we come home from the store but didn't want the toy we gave him and kept going to the bags. We asked Pam what we were doing wrong. Pam said when she asked Ace why he did that he answered he liked to get the toy out of the bag himself. We now leave the toy in the bag and Ace goes through the bags until he finds it and he grabs it and runs around the house playing with it. It is fun now to bring different things home to our friend."

Judy Harms


"Pam is amazing. She has given me concrete, clear communication from my pet that has been extremely useful. Pam's communication has helped me determine the best possible choices for both of us. In working with Pam, my relationship with my dog has deepened tremendously. She has empowered me to trust and build my own communication with my animal."

"Also, through Pam, the insight I gain from my own animal about me has been quite enlightening. I have learned that my dog deeply knows and sees me and that is an amazing feeling. Pam is a shining spirit who speaks with crystal clarity."

"Many thanks, Pam, for all your help."

Angie and Kody
Berlin, Germany


"Pam, you have a special gift...I know for certain you connected with my beloved Lou-Lou. I truly recommend that anyone who has deep Love inside their Heart for their animal friend to contact you. You connect naturally, instantly, Heart to Heart with animals."

Shary Lou Gray


"I have had the pleasure of working with Pam and seeing how important animal communication is. I originally met her when she helped at the animal shelter where I volunteer. Obviously, living in a shelter is a very scary and confusing time for the animals. Pam has had the heart to talk with them and let them know someone is listening to them. She has also helped us to save some of their lives. For example, there was a cat, Shorty, who suddenly stopped eating and lost weight. Pam talked with the cat and learned that he was depressed and confused on why he was there. He was shutting down, because his life felt over to him. Pam told us that if he didn’t leave the shelter soon, he would probably die." 

"With this information, I decided to bring Shorty home. Since Shorty has lived at my house, he has gained a few pounds and has much more vitality. Had Pam not told me to move him immediately, he probably would have died. Thanks to Pam, he is alive and happy now." 

"I have worked with Pam not only with the shelter animals, but also my own cats. When my cat, Romeo, started to jump Shorty, I called on Pam to help me. She explained that Romeo was picking up on my stress and taking it out on Shorty. This was valuable information, because it helped me to let go of stress for the benefit of my animals. This helped me too."   

"I also called on Pam to assist with Shorty. Shorty was not using his litter box, and he told Pam he didn’t like the automatic litter box. Pam told him it would mean a lot to us if he would use the box. Since then, he has used the box."

"As I write this, I am on a month-long vacation. I was very concerned about leaving my cats. Although I got people to stay with them and take care of them, I was still nervous. However, Pam is checking in with my cats periodically to make sure they are ok. It is incredibly valuable to know that she is talking with them and ensuring they are fine. It has allowed me to feel good on my vacation."

Kim Murdock


"What makes me happy? Knowing that my animal 'kids' are happy. Pam Baca's animal communication skills have enabled me to understand how my kids are doing and to learn what I can do to make them happier. When I am happier, they are happier. When they are happier, I am happier. I think it's kind of a circle thing, and Pam helps that circle be complete."

"Pam's empathy, understanding and patience is so very comforting. I am blessed to have met her, as are my kids, Jessie, Joey and Cookie."

Kris Otto


"I contacted Pam after losing a dog I had been fostering for only a short time. Elsie is a very shy, skittish dog and became very frightened when I took her to a local pet store, and unfortunately pulled out of her collar. She immediately took off running and I tracked her as best I could, but quickly lost sight of her. I received reports from local animal control that she had been spotted in a particular area and began leaving food and water out for her. After a number of days, the food was not touched, so I decided to contact Pam. Pam zoned in on a very specific area, near where I had been leaving food and water, and notified me that Elsie was in that location and I should be looking for her during the day. I was a bit skeptical, as the area Pam mentioned was open, with little cover. I assumed that Elsie would be hiding in a more covered area and would not be visible during the day. Pam also said that Elsie would most likely approach me, if I did see her. I was also skeptical of this, as I had not spent much time bonding to Elsie and her level of skittishness was very high. After speaking to Pam, I began leaving food in the area she suggested. On the second day after speaking with Pam, I went to check Elsie's feeding station in the late morning. I turned around and Elsie was standing there! She looked me over for a moment and then ran to me, barking and tail wagging. She rolled over on her back for belly scratches and then followed me to the car. Elsie was missing for 12 days and I am positive I would not have found her without Pam's help."

Sarah Witherell
Every Creature Counts


"Nothing in my life is more important to me than my animals. They give so much and expect so little in return. And because they can't really communicate in a way we can easily understand, it's difficult to know what to do when they're in pain or need help. I've had several issues with my dogs in the last year and it was suggested that I contact Pam Baca. During our first session, it was obvious that Pam was able to tap into each dog's psyche and hear what they thought. She was able to identify personality characteristics that I had not previously mentioned, and helped discover solutions to help deal with our problems."

"I've also worked occasionally with dog rescue groups and have contacted Pam to help discover issues with very disturbed animals. With her help, we were able to help these poor disoriented dogs become more calm and relaxed, as well as find them ideal families where they would be loved and cared for. During one transition, Pam helped ease my mind and separation pain by discovering one of the animals was extremely happy in his new home and very thankful for our help. Pam is very easy to talk to and will take the time necessary to understand both the owner's and pet's concerns."

"All animals deserve our love and attention. Pam has the gift of being able to understand their needs to help us humans make their lives comfortable and happy. I highly recommend Pam and her services to anyone interested in deeper communication with their pets."

Debra Urban


"At the time I needed her the most, I was referred by a close longtime friend to Pam. My dear Zackitty was about to make his transition, and I desperately needed to know how I might best serve him during that process. Complicating matters, I had two other urgent commitments four hours away, and I did not want to put him through the stress and discomfort of a long car trip and unfamiliar hotel rooms. Zack adopted me nearly 18 years prior, and I wanted to make sure he got everything he wanted and needed."

"Pam spoke with Zack, who then appeared to rally, giving me some confidence that he would be okay if I did what I needed to do up north and come back in time to be with him. Pam said that although Zack wasn't sure exactly when he would make his transition, he wanted me to go on my trip and enjoy myself, and not to worry about him. She told me what food he wanted, how to make him most comfortable and how much he loves and appreciates me."

"My petsitter called just after I got to my second commitment, and told me Zack was cold. I immediately raced home, consulting with Pam repeatedly along the way. Zack said he would try to wait for me, but he wasn't sure if he could. He wanted me to drive safely and not get in an accident. Somehow, I made it home in record time, seeing his face in my heart the entire drive."

"When I opened the front door, he lifted his head up and looked at me."

"I called Pam numerous times during our last hours together to find out what he needed, and how I could make him more comfortable. For some time afterwards, I followed up with Pam to see how he was doing and how I could best honor him."

"Pam made it possible for Zack and me to support each other during this difficult time. I truly cannot imagine have gone through this without her. Her kindness, gentle nature and humor carried me through one of the experiences in my life I had most feared and did not know how to handle."

"I could not recommend Pam strongly enough for the animal lover who wants to know how to best serve their sweet companion at any point during their time together."

With great love, respect and appreciation,
Sasha Meskov


"My husband and I were faced with one of the hardest decisions in our life, if putting down our 13 year old precious English Setter was the right thing to do. We knew he was in pain and not getting better.

As a last resort I called Pam Baca. I never had an experience with a animal communicator before, so I didn't know what to expect. Pam was our saving grace. Her compassion and patience were a true comfort. The information that "Riley" conveyed with her was spot on.

My husband (a true skeptic) was amazed. There was no possible way for her to know the things she was telling us. SHE was communicating with Riley!

Pam is a genuine animal communicator and an absolutely wonderful woman. I can't express enough what a God send SHE was. Thank-you God for giving Pam this gift and thank-you Pam for sharing it so willingly."

Sincerely, Cheryl Cloud


"Pam, thank you so much for your help with Bentley pictured on the right (and Angel too). I went straight into the vet (Deer Creek Animal Hospital) after talking with you. They have great respect for you! She said if Bentley wanted the surgery, we'd go ahead and do it even though he seemed awfully weak.

That morning she had planned to send him home to try to get his blood problem under control. After we talked, she said her surgery day was Thursday and this was Tuesday. She went to see if she could fit him in on Wednesday, then came back and said she felt he needed it right away and would do it on her lunch hour. So she started a unit of blood right away and at 2:00 (3 1/2 hours after talking to you) she started surgery.

It went super well. No complications! He had a tumor the size of a baseball on his spleen. And it had adhesions all over it so she said he was right - it was very painful. We're very hopeful that the blood issue was his response to the tumor and it will resolve itself soon once the tumor is out.

He's home today and looks better than he has in awhile. You can see when he walks that his body is freer and moves easier. He's tired but I can tell he's healing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us."

Sincerely, Leslie & Charlie

"Thank you so, so much for doing a reading with James and I last week! Your reading was very helpful. I focused on implementing all things James said when talking with you: use your legs more, center yourself before the jump, slow down and trust me, focus on being as one, go a little slower, visualize what it would feel like if it were flawless. What an awesome teacher he is! I had the best ride of my life. I rode better in the show than I ever have in my entire life :) THANK YOU!"



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