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Pam Baca has been involved in animal communication since 1998. Her foray into this interesting field began on a personal note.

Pam had a problem with one of her cats that no one could diagnose. Her cat, Jack, had lost all his fur from his flanks and was constantly licking himself, to the point that he was producing scabs and open sores.

In desperation, Pam began reading everything she could find out about cats and how to treat, diagnose, and heal them. One such book was about communicating with cats. She tracked down the author, who was an animal communicator, and called her. They set up an appointment and the communicator told Pam, through Jack, that he felt something lodged under the skin at the base of his tail.

Pam immediately took Jack to her local vet and told the vet what she had learned. He palpated the area at the base of the tail and confirmed there was indeed something there. The vet ultimately removed a small BB and Jack healed quickly.

This event caused Pam to find a local animal communicator who taught animal communication classes. Pam took every basic and advanced class offered. She was then offered (and accepted) an intensive, year-long apprenticeship, which taught her how to listen to animals and be a voice for them.

In Pam's words: "It is the most natural thing in the world for me to be with animals. It is where I am most at home."

Pam brings a warm and enthusiastic approach to understanding the perspective of all animals. Through her work, she helps strengthen the bond between animals and people. Pam's professional services emanate the following quote from Helen Keller..."The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched...but are felt in the heart."

Pam lives with her husband Jeff in the foothills of Colorado's dramatic Front Range. They share their home with two cats, Annie and Matthew, and a dog, Sophie. Their two horses, Barnabus (Barney) and J.D., adorn the rolling hills and meander through the pine trees that pepper their ranch.

Pam offers her consultative services at a discount rate to Healthy Pet in Conifer, Hero's Pets in Littleton, and the Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group (CRCG) each month, and also volunteers her time to various rescue organizations. Offering her talents professionally and helping others learn life-enriching methods to work with and understand animals is her greatest contribution of all.


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